Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui Comic Fiesta Live
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Comic Fiesta 2011: Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui Live
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epicness overload~! ;A;
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Only @ CF 2011: Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui, LIVE & LOUD!

Comic Fiesta is proud to present Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui, right here in Malaysia on the first day of CF 2011, 17th of December 2011!

Yes, you read that right; to see both Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui in person, all you have to do is attend CF 2011!

There will be no extra charge for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. December 17, 2011. Two amazing artists will grace Comic Fiesta 2011 with their presence, and you’re invited to join in the fun!

Only @ CF 2011: Makoto Shinkai Chases Lost Voices

Described by Shinkai himself as “his longest animation film to date”, Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo is a gorgeously animated, action-packed tale of adventure, friendship and romance. Comic Fiesta 2011 will be the FIRST screening of Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo in Southeast Asia!

The doors will open on the night of Decemeber 17, 2011 with a super-special screening of Hoshi Wo Ou Kodomo exclusively for ALL Comic Fiesta 2011 attendees. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also have a chance to get your hands on exclusive posters and folders autographed by Makoto Shinkai himself!

December 17, 2011.
After the end of Comic Fiesta 2011 Day 1.
Be part of history in the making.

Sobs... Day 1... why u so awesome... ;_____;
I got no one to go with on Day 1... T____T
I don't want to be alone... ;____;
I wonder if my parents will allow me to go... I read a lot of crime stories at KLCC and I'm kinda worried to go alone... :3

Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 - Malaysia Concert
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